What Makes a Luxury Candle Brand stand out from the rest?

Luxury Candle Brands - Italian

Italian Luxury Candle Brands

At Luci di Lucca, the term “luxury” is synonymous with craftsmanship, quality and uniqueness. Creating a luxury candle is a multi-faceted journey – the fragrance, the wax, the wick, the container, the packaging and the traditional methods that we follow all come together to create a luxury candle experience.

Our Guiding Principles

What makes Luci di Lucca luxury scented candles stand out from the rest?  Specifically, we follow these guiding principles:

  1. Slow-crafted – every candle is poured by hand.
  2. Small batches – our candles are produced in small batches using traditional methods.  We value quality over quantity.
  3. Beautiful and unique fragrances – All our fragrances are crafted by independent master perfumers – each fragrance tells a unique story.
  4. Premium  Vegetable Wax – We use 100% rapeseed and coconut wax from sustainable European sources.  It burns cleanly and longer than other waxes.  We do not use any paraffin wax.
  5. Cotton wicks –  the wick is a vital part of creating a luxury candle to ensure the candle burns evenly all the way to the end, leaving very little residue.  We use 100% cotton wicks for a clean burn and we spend months and months testing our candles with different wicks to ensure an optimal burn.
  6. Eco-crystal glass vessels – we designed our signature vessels to fit any space.   They are produced in Italy from lead-free eco-crystal, a 100% recyclable material and afterwards, they are hand decorated by Veronese artisans.  Our glasses can be reused as a decorative object around the home when the candle is finished or they can be re-filled with your favourite fragrance.
  7. Materials sustainably sourced – everything that goes into making our candles and wax melts is sourced from within Italy and Europe and is either re-cyclable or re-usable.  This may make our candles a little more expensive than other cheaper brands, but we believe the level of quality and craftsmanship if our candles is what makes them stand out from the rest.