Otium – The Story behind the Fragrance

Villa Grabau Arial View

The Italian-style garden is an important part of Italy’s historic heritage. According to Pliny the Younger (a lawyer, author and magistrate of Ancient Rome), the purpose of a garden, was “otium,” meaning seclusion, serenity – the opposite of the idea of “negotium” that often classified busy urban life.  A garden was a place to think, relax, contemplate and escape.

Our candle fragrance Otium is inspired is inspired by the Italian Renaissance garden of Villa Grabau. The symmetrical terraced garden has two obelisk shaped Magnolia trees and two large oval lawns encircled by over 70 antique pots of Lemon Trees that bare the coats of arms of many noble families of Lucca.  Perfectly placed pots of geraniums sit atop a balustrade made of Matraia stone.  At the base of the stairs that separate the different garden levels, two spectacular trumpet vines proudly display their large orange flowers.  There are two bronze heads representing the head of Satiro that spout water into fountains embedded in mosaics made from rock crystals, quartz and tufa.  Shady paths twist their way mysteriously through the undergrowth of the hedges of bay laurel and boxwood, with small clearings at intervals, where stone benches and tables entice the stroller to stop and spend some time there.

Olfactory Profile

Top notes: mint, mandarin, lemon, pine needle

Heart notes: neroli, jasmine, petitgrain, ylang ylang

Base notes: cedarwood, amber, vetivert