Nobile – The Story behind the fragrance

Nobile Rose Oud Luxury Scented Candle

Our Nobile rose oud candle fragrance encapsulates a true sense of aristocracy, nobility, power and privilege all in one scent.

It is a tribute to the aristocratic merchant class of Lucca who rose to prominence during the 11th century. In particular,  the families of Cenami, Bonvisi, Antelminelli, Bernardini, Orsetti, Diodati, Cittadella, Castracani, Guinigi, Burlamacchi and Arnolfini became wealthy and powerful as a result of Lucca being the centre of the silk trade.  Through their wealth and power, the city of Lucca became an independent republic and remained so for more than 500 years.  Indeed, in the 14th Century,  Lucca rivaled Florence as the  dominant city of central Italy.

This prosperity of the walled city of Lucca attracted many of Europe’s pre-eminent artists, musicians and architects, who were seeking the patronage of the new aristocracy and merchant class. Opulence was the order of the day, and spectacular villas such as Villa Reale, Torrigiani, Diodati (now Grabau), Bonvisi (now Oliva) and Mansi became well known in the world of refinement, luxury, architectural grandeur and importance. These magnificent residences with their spectacular gardens became a reflection of one’s significance and status in society and their owners went to extraordinary lengths to embellish their gardens with beautiful and exotic plants from around the world.

Olfactory Profile

Top notes: Madagascar black pepper, nutmeg, saffron

Heart notes: damask rose essential oil, rose absolute

Base notes: oud, sandalwood, vetivert